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Febelco is a cooperative wholesaler whose shares are fully owned by its customers, the Belgian independent pharmacists. It has a customer base of over 3200 pharmacies that are supplied up to three times every day from eight branches throughout Belgium: Bruges, Izegem, Kortenberg, Olen, Sint-Niklaas, Wijnegem, Zolder and Frameries.


Livlina is a reliable, high quality and independent logistical partner for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. From several warehouses, Livlina takes care of the storage, picking, packing and distribution of farmaceutical products for human and veterinarian use, and also provides other value added services, tailored to the clients’ needs.

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Sodiap is a cooperative specialized in the management of independent pharmacies. Its goal? To keep pharmacies in the hands of pharmacists. That is why they take over pharmacies, exploit them, with the focus on giving advice and quality care. The Sodiap pharmacies are managed autonomously by a provisioner, just like an independent pharmacist would do.

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Mauroy is part of the cooperative wholesaler and ensures the further expansion of Febelco to a well-established value in the French-speaking part of the country. The working regions of Febelco and Mauroy are connected and complementary.

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HC Pharma

HC Pharma is one of the pioneers and also one of the most important IMV production centers on the Belgian market. It provides the individualized medication bags for ambulatory patients and patients staying in an institution. In this way, they increase the patient's compliance and minimize chances of errors during administration (GMP). In short: HC Pharma is dedicated to the delivery of a high quality end product, today and in the future. 

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Axone Pharma

Axone Pharma has been a member of Febelco Group since 2011 and provides sales and marketing support for its partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Axone Pharma is responsible for the advice, promotion and sale of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products amongst Belgian and Luxembourg pharmacists. The company also handles the commercialisation of the private label Febelcare.

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Febelco Group

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